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Building your dreams one log at a time.Lukcik's Log Homes is completely a custom log home builder. We never use pre-built kits or mass produce our log structures. We specialize in custom handcrafting our homes. All our log homes are different due to the requirements of the customer. At Lukcik's Log Homes we believe you should be able to to make a decision based on facts. We help you understand all the costs so you can make a decision you will be comfortable with, "No Surprises!" Based on an initial discussion, we can give you a preliminary estimate. Data collected over the the years is used to approximate the cost per square foot. Once you make a decision to go ahead, a blueprint with specifics is drawn.

Your project will then be broken into 10 or more stages. Each stage is estimated and explained fully.

When your blueprint is done, you will receive a materials list and labor cost for each stage. With this information in hand, you can easily compare cost.

It's to your advantage to use a quality builder who will work with you to ensure your satisfaction throughout the building process. We customize each relationship at Lukcik's Log Homes. You may want us to handle some or all of the work. Since we ship anywhere, you may want to subcontract the work locally. We'll work with you either way.

10 Stages

1.  Well, Septic and Excavation.
2.  Foundation.
3.  Floor Joist System.
4.  Log Package.
5.  Roof System.
6.  Gables.
7.  Decks.
8.  Exterior, Interior, Doors and Windows.
9.  Interior Finish.
10.  Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, Lighting, Cabinets, Flooring and Fireplace.

Standard Log Home Packages Include:

  • A variety of Pine species in various diameters.
  • All of our logs are treated with the Borite product which makes them equal to Cedar in their resistance to insects and decay.
  • Premium hand-peeled logs crafted with no visible splices.
  • Perimeter log wall height 9' x 6" or otherwise specified.
  • All knots, scraper and abrasions are planed flush with the log surface.
  • Loft logs are full round log beams approximately 4' on center, milled flat on the top edge for smooth floor installation.
  • Receiving notches in perimeter logs are cut to accommodate second floor decking.
  • All roof cap logs are milled flat on the pitched edge.
  • Roof support system of ridgepole and purlins and creatively designed truss work.
  • Purlins will be supported by log posts on interior and 4" x 6" frame uprights on the gable ends (unless otherwise noted).
  • Standard roof overhang: 3' to 4'.
  • All corners are shrink to fit saddle notch, with sanded camphors.
  • Extremely tight-fitting lateral grooves on the Scandinavian Full Scribe style with labor intensive shallow coves to inhibit check cracks and maximize quality.
  • Door and window openings cut with steel and or wood pins placed in predrilled holes for lateral stability.
  • Log end design options available, full sweep, semi-sweep, straight, staggered or beaver toothed.
  • All log shells are constructed in a log yard, predrilled for steel and or wood pins around openings , numbered, disassembled onto a truck ready for shipment to your home site for reassembly.
  • Designing services complete with engineering.

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